The Rouge Janitor was a small collaboration game done by a group of hobbyist and graduates looking to expand their experience in the game development world, while creating small, fun projects that can show off their skills and love for the industry.

Game Dev Pro Workshop: Is a great location to find common minded individuals that love to work on games and collaborate on small projects to enhance their knowledge and portfolios.  

Check us out:

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This game is a small development and works as is, some bugs or issues may be found,  not all models or objects may have made the game.

Hence we need to keep moving forward! Cheers from the Game Dev Pro Team!

Programming team:

Tony J.:  Any missing scripts

Forrest Wilkerson Checkout His Website , Health script, Spawn random objects

Damien:  Music/Audio script

3D Models:

Tony J. - T_Arrow  & T_Drone Ships

David Wilkerson: Shield Powerup, Shield, Asteroid

Kristie Rounds : Checkout Her Website : Ramp, K_Dumptruck ship, Mines, Fences

Adjartey Dorh: Health Pickup, A_Black hawk ship,  Gem Pickup

Joseph J_Sweeper ship

Forrest Wilkerson :  F_Drako, F_Shine, F_Biter ships

Game Story:

Oladipupo Fageyinbo (Dipo) : Story Concept

General game concept:


Thank you all for contributing!

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